Relationship Coaching

Building, Growing and Sustaining Intimate Connections….

 “Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you.  They are not perfect but are always perfect for you. 

 ~Author Unknown”

Relationship coaching is an excellent resource whether you are newly dating, or have been with your partner(s) for years. Sometimes all it takes is a discerning ear to assist with the occasional “hiccup” or smooth out communication glitches all relationships face.

All relationships are unique and deserves to be treated with a personalized approach meeting your specific needs. 

I bring to the table years of experience coaching and mentoring mainstream as well as LGBTQIA and Alternative Lifestyle relationships and am happy to meet with you to see how I can best be of help.

Specialties Include:

- Love Languages  – Reading body language – Communication Techniques
- Preventing Resentment – Getting rid of the two NO words 
- Finding new healing and growth – Becoming better partners together
- Making time for romance – Rekindling the spark – Exploring new adventures
- Alternative Lifestyles – Bridging The Gaps – Poly – D/s – M/s –


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