Health Advocacy

Sometimes our path in life takes a turn that we never saw coming; a diagnosis that completely knocks us off our feet.

What do we say? How do we tell those around us without becoming a sympathy case?  How do we prepare for what happens next? Who will make sure we get the help and medical support we need?

It can be hard to open up to loved ones and friends about our fears or concerns as often the patient ends up needing to be the “strong one” for those around them as loved ones don’t know whether to ignore the elephant in the living room or to to try to pussy foot around it.  The truth is downplaying the situation won’t make it go away; it will only succeed in ensuring no one gets the support they need in this crucial time.

Feeling overwhelmed is normal and okay; that’s why Health Advocates exist. As your Advocate I’ll help you look at your options, plan a course of action and, if needed, work with the medical staff on your behalf to ensure you and your loved ones get all the support, care and information you deserve.

We only have one life and as the joke goes, “They call it “practice” for a reason,” so make sure you have the support you need on your side.


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